Modern crane is possibly one of the most important creations in the business of shipbuilding and construction. The capability for bring them to the world goes to the Ancient Chinese who then harnessed the force of animals of carriage to arrange these cranes into position. As a result, people have developed a series of crane after that and many cranes nowadays use hydraulic systems, eclectic generator and rotor to do the job.

Letting workers to easily move and transport loads almost five times their size, modern cranes were already put to application in pretty much all sectors that may relate to transportation. Be it on mountain or on plain, it is obviously difficult to complete a task of critical project without the assistance of cranes. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of cranes that are worth noting at present day- the truck mounted crane and the marine crane.

A gantry crane in snow
Gantry crane

Truck mounted crane

Truck mounted cranes belong to the type of mobile cranes. Mobile cranes are installed on the back of a mobile platform to allow them moving from one place to another. They are often divided into two division – the top and the base. The base is made of the mobile platform and the top consists of the crane that is specialized in transport. The two divisions are combined with a turntable that allows the rotation of the base. They generally combines with hydraulic pumps to transport and lift the heavy loads around.

The improvement of mobile truck mounted cranes is that relocation of the crane itself becomes simpler. Nevertheless, as a result of the law enforcement, there may be occasions when the equipment needs to be disassembled in order to in accordance with weight specifications. Under such circumstance, the counterweight is often carried by a different truck. In certain heavy duty cranes, the entire base may be disassembled during transportation. The only problem with these cranes is the tendency of flipping over due to swinging of the load. These cranes can carry loads between 100 pound to 100 tons. As a result, frequent maintenance should be scheduled to transport the loads without falling the entire crane over.

Marine cranes

Marine cranes, as the words indicated, are designed for port load and other harbor transportation. It is conceived as if these machines were originally developed during the middle ages to lift and transfer load and also install the masts on long range sailing vessels.

Usually, there are two variations of port cranes: Gantry cranes and tower cranes. The gantry crane uses a mobile bay to traverse around while the latter is installed on a tower and only has the movable hoist. The advantage of these machines is that they come with two travel wheels that let them to extradite the transporting process. The travel wheels are generally discovered on both side of the utility bay to improve mobility. Now, even sea cranes are deployed on the port. These cranes result in the improvement of mobility in port logistics. But, the gantry and tower cranes stay cost efficient in terms of their load limit and ease of operation.

If you are looking for crane services, you should check the reputation of the owner and the equipment it loans.